Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Road to TempleCon 2015 (part I)

Hi there!

I'm back in the bloggery saddle after these months of silence and this time I have my first Warmachine and Hordes event in my sights - TempleCon 2015 in Rhode Island. This will also be my first trip to North America, staying in Toronto and Burlington before hitting the road to travel to the USA. Coming from an island nation, travelling from one country into another via car - mind blown :)

For this event I have decided to paint a 35 point army which was completely randomised by the all-knowing iPad app belonging to Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere on his stay in Australia during May.  As fate would have it, the randomised faction turned up with Legion of Everblight and then the Warlock randomised from the faction yielded Kallus, the Wrath of Everblight.

This list will be put up for auction/raffle (not sure how it's all going to work just yet) with the proceeds going to a local charity.

So here is the 35 point list I've put together and am now in the process of painting:-

 - Ravagore
 - Ravagore
Max Legionnaires
 - Character UA
Min Hex Hunters (Max unit painted)
 - Character UA
Min Spawning Vessel

Kallus' Feat also turns his models into Incubi when they're destroyed and will also be 10 of these included.

Starting on the unit of Hex Hunters, after 2 weeks of work this is how they look
Just the one to finish off, pictured on the left of the image then onto Bayal...

More updates to follow!

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