Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Busy Bee - Earthborn

Hi Guys,

With the launch of my new commission Facebook Page I have been pretty snowed under.
Today I finished off my Earthborn Dire Troll.

He was quite fun to paint and I would like to share the colours that I used.

Gun Corps Brown = Base
Umbral Umber = Shadows
Umbral Umber + Thamar Black = Deepest Shadows
Gun Corps Brown + Menoth White Base = Highlights

Gun Corps Brown = Base
+ Ryn Flesh (glaze)
Ryn Flesh + Morrow White = Highlight

Gun Corps Brown = Base
+ Trollblood Base (Glaze)
Trollblood Base + Exile Blue = Shadows
Exile Blue + Black = Deepest Shadows
Trollblood Base + Frostbite = Hightlight
Frostbite = Highest Highlight

Trollblood Base = Base
+ Ryn Flesh (glaze)
Ryn Flesh + Morrow White = Highlight
Umbral Umber + Exile Blue = Shadows

Bastion Grey = Base
Blood Stone = Splotch Randomly (for colour variation) 
Menoth White Base = Splotch Randomly (for colour variation)
Agrax Earthshade (GW Paint) = Wash
Menoth White Base = Dry Brush

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Out From Under A Rock

Hello all!

I have been busy painting the Legion of Everblight for commission and am glad to say I have finished them for now! (and can get back to my trolls).

So in the past month I have painted:

Nephalim Soldier
Spawn Pot
Ogrun Warspears
Ogrun Cheiftan
Blighted Nyss Solo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

First Commission

Hey Guys,

So I got my first commission job! I sold my legion and the person that bought them has paid me to paint the rest and is paying me to paint other legion he is buying!!

So, with renewed vigour I am painting the Legion of Everblight! Also getting that basing done. Without further ado I introduce eThags, all finished :)


Monday, 13 April 2015

Idrians, Nuptials and WIP

Hi All,

Its been a while.  Finally finished my idrians although their basing still needs a little work and the front arc marked.

I think they turned alright for a unit I did 6 of 12 or more months ago.

I might also mention that I too feel like I had a valid excuse as I am the lucky guy in the photo below.  She is beautiful and a great painter amongst other amazing qualities.

But errr yeah, back to the Idrians.  Finally done except some basing.

And now for a WIP shot for what I am working on this month.  I can't claim all the credit though as Zeiju did the base shading of the grey stone with the airbrush.  My effort on Megalith will be available for viewing later as I tried and failed to copy how well she did it.

Painting Update - March

Hey Guys,

So... It's been a while since my last post, but I feel I have a valid excuse. I went and got married!


Now, back to the painting things. last month I finished up the Axer and Fell Caller. I got almost all the way through Rok but lost interest for some reason. I finished 1 champion, got half way through another, failed the @LostHemisphere painting challenge. I painted Cassius (but not his tree), and I have started to paint eThags, because someone has actually paid me for those minis and to finish painting them!

Photo Time: 

Fell Caller Hero

Trollblood Axer

And the work in progress:

Monday, 9 March 2015

YouTubing Warmahordes

Hi All,

Merry Tuesday! You still have 3 more painful work days to go, congrats!

I would like to share the gameplay videos I watch to help improve how I play.


Party Foul - Great "how to" videos, explanations of various mechanics of the game including terrain explanations! and dealing with not so great aspects of the game... losing.
Gaming with The Cooler - does a great explanation for new players

Battle Reports

Miniwargaming - Camera work is a bit wobbly, games are not sped up and sometimes can get rules wrong.
Chain Attack - Stable camera, games not sped up, loud background noise, not always good explanations and commentary can go off topic.
Advanced Maneuvers - Stable Camera, SPED UP, the players explanations are dubbed over meaning that there is rarely any background noise.
Gaming with The Cooler - Camera work is a bit wobbly, games are not sped up and sometimes can get rules wrong.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Certified for Import into North America Part 1

January 29, 6:30am we leave for Sydney...
...12.30pm leave Sydney for Vancouver...
6:30am arrive in Vancouver same day and press on to Toronto!
After over 26 hours of travel back a couple of months, this was the view from our hotel in Toronto. By all accounts it was a warm night (-4 degrees).
And in the light of day it drops to -11 degrees

 Surviving the Canadian winter cold, we venture off FOR BEER AND POUTINE!

Erinn no function beer well without :)
and we eated it all...

Being as Canadian as possible, Jamie "Northblade" Bell of Lost Hemisphere was most generous and hooked us up with Lacrosse tickets for the Toronto Rock vs Calgary Roughnecks. Totes appreciated, Bell! Our host for the evening was the awesome John "Steady" Steadman whose enthusiasm and love for the game was just so damn infectous. 

Half-time with cheerleaders or somethin'
Packed up and out of Toronto after the weekend and suddenly a wild Gdaybloke of the Lost Hemisphere appears! After a huge lunch and a tour of Burlington, we head to the FLGS for games.
Turning the cold and Canadian-ness up to 11, we hit the Falls.
not pictured, piss stained snow and ice...seriously who'd whip it out here?
aaand high fiving bears...
for reasons.
At last, we were on the road to Rhode Island! TempleCon madness coming up next week so stay tuned goddamit.
"I am the Highway" not sorry :P